Cell Test

This machine tests the electrical performance of photovoltaic cells under simulated sunlight. A pulsed Xenon lamp with an optical filter provides a close match to the Air Mass 1.5 Global solar spectrum. The spectrum meets Class A ASTM and IEC specifications (ASTM E927 and IEC 60904-9). This machine measures and displays the following cell parameter:

‧Complete I-V curve
‧Open-Circuit voltage
‧Short-Circuit current
‧Short-Circuit current density
‧Peak power
‧Cell efficiency
‧Fill factor
‧Cell temperature



This is an automated production machine which interconnects solar cells by soldering flat metal leads, or tabs, to cell contacts. The machine processes solar cells at a nominal throughput of 500 cells per hour, resulting in high volume production through improved yield.


Vac-Pik Machine
It is a vacuum pick-and-place machine that provides gentle and accurate alignment of strings to other module materials (glass and EVA) for uniform module quality and improved production throughput.

It is an automated photovoltaic module laminator encapsulating solar cells with ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) polymer between front and back covers. Modules fabricated using this machine process have passed International and US standards (IEC, IEEE, ASTM, UL) for environmental exposure tests, including thermal, humidity-freeze, and mechanical load cycling, twisted mounting surface, hail impact, and high voltage isolation.



The Simulator tests photovoltaic modules under simulated Air Mass 1.5 Global terrestrial conditions. The system’s unique upward facing illumination and low height make it ideal for incorporation into an automated module assembly line by eliminating the need to turn modules over for testing. The Simulator measures the following parameters:

‧I-V curve
‧Open-Circuit voltage
‧Short-Circuit current
‧Load current and power at fixed voltage
‧Peak power
‧Current and voltage at peak power
‧Fill factor
‧Cell and module efficiency
‧Module temperature


Laser Cutting/Marking System
This is a high speed and high precision computerized laser machine which we use to cut solar cell and engrave marking.



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